THE TIME HAS COME! We are taking our very first trip as a family of 4 and heading to Mexico today!! Wooohooo!! 🙂

While I’m beyond excited to finally let some real sun hit this pale skin of mine (New York has been playing games with all the rain and gloomy days), I’m also a tinyyyyy bit nervous about traveling with a new baby again. We got pretty spoiled with Steele – she took her first flight when she was 2.5 months old and has been extremely easy to travel with these past couple years. Let’s all cross our fingers (and toes) Sage is just as easy going on the plane as her big sister was.

If you know me, you know Organization & Preparation are my middle and last name. I’m a write a to-do list, check my check list, make tidy piles of clothes, line up shoes neatly, kind of person. I’m usually over-prepared and I always over-pack (with so many of us now, I’m trying to be better but who doesn’t like OPTIONS). Thankfully with two kids now, I pretty much have a good system and know what are essentials vs “nice-to-haves”. My goal is just to get through the first plane ride with minimal tears and all my hair still on my head — is that too much to ask for?!?!

Check out our must-have travel necessities that we’re taking with us to Mexico:

  • Diaper Bag — well DUH, I never leave home without it these day! The bag that I’ve been using technically isn’t a baby bag but I’m loving my Nena & Co Convertible Day Bag (which can be used as a backpack) so I’m taking this baby with me. Plus it kinda fits the Mexico vibes!
  • Bag Insert – this ToteSavvy baby bag inset is everythinggg. I like when everything has it’s place and this thing has so many compartments, I always know where everything is and I’m not scrambling to find things. Check out some of the pictures too!
  • Diapers & Wipes — if you know me, you know I use Honest brand. I travel with a full sized package of wipes since both of my kiddies are still in diapers. Steele is potty training but still wears diapers when we are on the move.
  • Extra Clothes For Both Kiddies — accidents DO happen; poop explosions, faulty diapers, toddler spillages, I could go on forever!
  • Planet Box Snack Holder & Sippy Cup — who doesn’t love snacks!!! This little “lunch box” is perfect for a variety of snacks options all in one container. Plus it’s stainless steel & eco-friendly…..HOLLA.
  • Fruit Pouches — my daughter LOVES Ella fruit pouches but will only eat the peach ones these days. These are an absolute must for our trip since they’re so easy to travel with and don’t need to be refrigerated.
  • Baby Carrier — since Sage loves to be held all the time, our carrier has been a life saver. Gotta keep her close at all times or she’s not a happy camper! #MomLife
  • Baby Blanket/Nursing Cover — it always seems to be cold on planes so I keep a blanket handy at all times. Plus, I also use it as a “nursing cover” (Let’s be honest, I rarely cover myself when I breastfeed – yea, I’m that type of mom. I just struggle with why I need to cover my child’s head while she’s eating and make her hot & uncomfortable to appease someone else. That’s a whole different topic though…..I digress).
  • Headphones — it’s a 4 hour flight so I have these on hand should Steele want to watch a movie or listen to some music.
  • Toddler Activity Pack — coloring books, a little playdoh, her favorite miniature figurines, a few books plus an iPad with lots of Sesame Street.
  • Pacifiers — because LAWD help me not pull out my hair on these flights!!!
  • Hand Sanitizer — gotta stay fresh & clean 🙂


Surprisingly, all of this stuff fits neatly fits into one bag for easy travel — but to lighten then load, I’m passing off some of these things to dad (lol)! This is just a list of what we plan to bring on the plane with us. Of course we’ll also have both car seats, Sage’s stroller and our Baby Zen travel stroller for Steele, our Dockatot for co-sleeping, and a few additional things to keep Steele entertained.

So excited for this trip and can’t wait to share pictures when we get back. In the meantime, catch us on Instagram. Peace!!




Motherhood has taught me a lot about myself and about my idea of what this role as a parent should look like. It’s forced me to put my “big girl” panties on – to be more conscious, more aware, more present… EVERYTHING! It has shown me an alternative path for growth and evolution. It has pushed me to become a better me, and becoming a better me has made me a better parent.  Continue Reading



Guys!! When they say time flies, they weren’t lying!!

How has it already been a month since our baby girl was born?! To say I’ve had my hands full would be an understatement (hence why I’ve been a little quiet on the blog) and I’d be lying if I said I knew what I was getting myself into having two kids. The adjustment from zero to 1 was pretty much what I expected, with a few twists and turns along the way. But this transition from 1 to 2 is giving me a run for my money. Maybe I was arrogant to think that I knew what I was doing but kids sure do have a way of humbling you, amiright?! I think the biggest challenge for me is feeling like I’m back at square one: trying to find balance — taking care of a newborn, spending time with my toddler, managing a relationship and getting anything done for myself. Such is life, I guess! Continue Reading



It’s crazy to think that just a little over a week ago, I was 41 weeks pregnant – patiently waiting for our beautiful bundle of joy to arrive. As I sit here and stare into those little eyes, I’m in awe that I created and carried this tiny human in my stomach. When I really think about it, its amazing how powerful we really are as women and giving birth to two precious little girls has unveiled another level of strength I never knew I had. I’ve had 10 days to sit and reflect on this labor & birth experience and couldn’t be more proud of my journey to delivering another healthy baby girl. I’m so excited to be able to share this 2nd home birth experience with you guys and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Continue Reading



Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming to say the least! What products do I need?What brands are the safest? Which ones have the best reviews? It’s easy to go overboard with all the baby products, especially as a new mom (I know I did). I had so many little gadgets and toys when Steele was born and looking back, half of them I probably only used a handful of times, if that. In a effort to minimize the amount of things  we were buying this time around (we will only be in NY/NJ for a few months after the baby is born and then will have to move everything back to LA), I’ve tried to keep my purchases to things that I really NEED or products I felt like I wouldn’t want to live without…. so below I’m sharing a few of my favorite products to have with a newborn:

  1. Uppababy Vista Stroller – I did a lot of research on strollers when I was pregnant with Steele and came across this brand, which had really great reviews. There were many benefits that sold me on this stroller (adjustable handle bar for taller people like me :), large under basket for storage + it also comes with a newborn bassinet) and now with TWO young kids, it easily converts into a double stroller without us buying a new stroller. WOOHOO!! It’s also easy to fold and unfold + is easy to travel with. Winner!
  2. DockATot Deluxe Dock Infant Pillow – this one is new for me this time around but a good friend of mine told me its a MUST. We are a co-sleeping family (Steele NEVER wanted to sleep in her bassinet as a baby) so this seemed like the perfect product for us to try since we’ll most likely have this baby in the bed with us too. And not having to worry about rolling over on the baby while we sleep is a breath of fresh air.
  3. Honest Diapers & Wipes – when I was pregnant with Steele, I wanted to find body products that were either eco-friendly or organic and focused on sensitive skin. I had eczema as a child and wanted to be conscious of the products we were using on her. Knowing that the Honest brand makes products without potentially harmful ingredients – I decided to try them out….and I loved them! We’ve never really had any issues with leakages or rashes & who doesn’t love all their fun designs.
  4. Nook Niche Feeding Pillow – I had the Boppy & My Brest Friend nursing pillow when Steele was a newborn. Both were good but I’ve heard such great things about the Nook brand & this specific feeding pillow that I decided to give it a try this go ’round. What I like about the brand is that they use organic materials and focus on the breathabiity of their products. You can also use the pillow to prop baby up next to you or for elevated tummy time. I’ve had it for about a month now and have used it to help me get comfortable during pregnancy, definitely a plus.
  5. L’ovedbaby Organic Gl’oved-Sleeve Overall – I bought a few of these for Steele (she was too big to fit the newborn size when she was born so we had to go up a size) but these little onesies were perfect for the first few months of life. We didn’t go out much in the beginning so having cozy options that I could easily throw on her was perfect. Plus, they are super soft and well made….so I’m passing the ones Steele had to the new baby + picked up a few extra ones too!

Of course there are many more products that we use with our little babies but these are just a few of my favorites.

I want to hear what brands & products you guys like/can’t live without – fill me in!!



As I quickly approach week 40 of my second pregnancy, I’m still trying to grasp the concept that soon I will be a mother of TWO!! How crazy is that?!?! I will have KIDSSSSS, plural! Holy Crap!!! The idea is frightening and electrifying all at the same time! My excitement is at an all time high and yet I’ve had many moments of uncertainty & doubt along the way. This pregnancy was far from planned – Ryan and I both would have liked a little more time alone with Steele, so to think that we’ll soon have 2 humans to devote our love, time and energy to seems surreal. I often wonder how I could love another child as much as I love Steele and how I can balance myself between two kids, while also maintaining my relationship (and sanity) – I just haven’t been able to wrap my brain around it quite yet. Of course it’s all been done before so I know it’s possible but it’s hard to imagine this new life that we will soon embark upon. Continue Reading



Ladies!! We’ve all heard that saying “Squatting will get you a bigger booty” but aside from the external benefits to squatting and how it can help improve your physique, there are MANY more reasons why you should be incorporating squats into your health & wellness routine, especially during pregnancy. Continue Reading

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Lets face it! It’s no secret that having children is an extremely time consuming job. Between crying babies, diaper changes, playdates, activities, cooking, cleaning (the list goes on….and on), the less energy we have to give to ourselves. I’ve heard this one saying time and time again – “Once you become a parent, life is no longer about you”… but I’d beg to disagree. Life is no longer JUST about you, but trust me hunny – you still matter! As mothers, we’re handed a laundry list of roles and responsibilities that we fulfill for the sake of our children but I don’t believe that means we need to run ourself ragged with no regard for our wants and needs.  Continue Reading


2 0 1 7 | I N T E N T I O N S

The older I get, the more I realize that the new year isn’t about becoming a new me. Each DAY is an opportunity for growth, wisdom, clarity and a chance to get to know myself on a deeper level. I will always be a planner and goal-setter at heart, it’s just an intrinsic part of who I am, so setting attainable goals for each year is a must for me BUT that doesn’t mean I need to wait for the new year to make changes in myself, set new goals or alter my path when needed.  Continue Reading



As a parent, there’s nothing worst than feeling helpless when it come to your children. You want to do everything in your power to make sure they stay safe and are well protected against anyone and anything. So when it comes to the common cold and other viruses that need to “run it’s course”, unfortunately there’s not magical solution to automatically make our children feel better so there isn’t much we can physically do. Continue Reading