Motherhood has taught me a lot about myself and about my idea of what this role as a parent should look like. It’s forced me to put my “big girl” panties on – to be more conscious, more aware, more present… EVERYTHING! It has shown me an alternative path for growth and evolution. It has pushed me to become a better me, and becoming a better me has made me a better parent. 

What I’ve come to learn & accept along this journey of parenthood is that our children will teach us more than we’ll ever teach them. I see this playing out everyday, over and over again, as I’m raising these two girls. Everything that I am consciously trying to “teach” them is really a bigger lesson for myself.

I believe our role as parents is to provide a safe & healthy environment for our children to grow and flourish, for us to guide them along a path of self-exploration (whatever that may look like for them), for us to encourage them to try new things but support & accept when they decide to go a different direction than what we wanted for them. Our role is to let go of our expectations of them and how we think they should be….and just let them be. But our children will teach us far more than we will probably ever know or even see. They’ll teach us patience when we ask them to pick up their toys for the 10 millionth time in a row, they’ll teach us how to keep our composure when they’re screaming at the top of their lungs about who the hell knows what, they’ll show us the important of time management and the art of multi-tasking when we are trying to get ANYTHING done, they’ll teach us the meaning of unconditional love when they choose to do something that we don’t see value in ….. I think you get the point!

Welcoming my second daughter has made me reflect on the things that really resonate with me. I decided to take the time to write down a list of concepts and ideas that I value and want my children to see in me. Ultimately, this is a list of things that I am working on within myself and my hope is through action and conversation, I can show them the importance of these 10 lessons.


  1. Self-Love Is The Best Love || Self-love is the foundation of it all. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time; not feeling like I was good enough, not believing in myself or giving myself enough credit, not thinking that I was beautiful and not fully excepting myself. There are days that I still struggle with this in totality but I am making a conscious effort to continually love on ME; all of me! We can only truly exude light & love to others if we first love yourself.
  2. Always Stay True To Who You Are || “There is no one like you and that is your power” – ain’t that the truth!! This society will tell you everything you’re not and everything you should be but staying true to your authentic self is the true test. Embrace the unicorn in you and be you, unapologetically!
  3. Believe & Manifest Your Dreams || “You can do anything you put your mind to”. Set goals, put in the work, believe in yourself, manifest your dreams & never stop investing in yourself.
  4. Trust Yourself || You have everything you need inside of you. We are constantly looking outside ourselves for love, for acceptance, for approval not realizing that these all come from within. Fulfillment comes through truly recognizing the power of self.
  5. Practice Mindfulness || Plain & simple — meditate and be present!
  6. Choose Happiness || Everything in this lifetime is a choice; your thoughts, your attitude, your actions, your reactions. You can choose to let misery consume you or  choose gratitude. Be happy for what you have and where you are at right now because it’s exactly where you should be in that moment. When I find myself complaining about a situation, I quickly remind myself that things could always be worst and whatever I’m going through is just temporary. When our kids see us happy, they will want that for themselves.
  7. Question Everything || I can’t tell you how much this has helped me over the years. For so long I’ve been a follower in various aspects of my life. I was told that I should be a certain way or should do certain things and although I never fully agreed with it, I accepted it as my destiny. I never questioned why until my adult years. Be curious! Ask questions! Make decisions that innately feel right for you and not because everyone else is doing it.
  8. Be Open Minded || Be open to new thoughts, new ideas and new experiences. There’s so much to learn when you can open you mind and your heart to the new, the unknown and even the scary.
  9. Regret Nothing || Every situation is presented to us as lesson and it’s up to us to determine our outlook and what we take away from it. When we accept that everything happens for a reason, we can then take the good AND what we might view as the bad and appreciate the lessons in all of it (easier said than done, I KNOW!).
  10. Enjoy The Journey || At the end of the day, the best thing we can do for ourselves is be present in each moment because that’s truly all we have. Find peace and comfort in the now. Show gratitude for each day and trust the process.

My hope is that when my children look at me, they can see all of this in me (or at least my effort to get there) and want this for themselves. Cheers to the journey ahead!




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