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The older I get, the more I realize that the new year isn’t about becoming a new me. Each DAY is an opportunity for growth, wisdom, clarity and a chance to get to know myself on a deeper level. I will always be a planner and goal-setter at heart, it’s just an intrinsic part of who I am, so setting attainable goals for each year is a must for me BUT that doesn’t mean I need to wait for the new year to make changes in myself, set new goals or alter my path when needed. 

As I enter 2017, I’m setting specific intentions to keep me grounded and focused on what I believe will help continue evolving me into the best version of myself. I think it’s so important to speak things into existence so I’m putting my intentions and desires out in the universe for all to hear me. I thought it would be fun to share this years list to help keep me on track, accountable and committed to my pursuit. So here they are……. 10 goals and intentions for this new year:


  1. Leave All Negative Energy Behind – yep, that’s right! I’m leaving it all behind. Any thoughts, feelings, energies and/or people that don’t provide a positive, uplifting vibe will no longer be welcome. Protecting my space and my peace is no longer an option; it’s imperative to my personal growth and fostering genuine relationships. Negativity serves no pursue other than to distract me from my goals so….POOF, be gone!
  2. Pursue My Passions – build, create, try new things…. it’s time to manifest my desires and dreams. I’m committing myself to only doing things that I’m passionate about, that push me to sharpen my skill set, that allow me to be creative, that challenge me and make me think outside the box. I’m excited to work on some new projects, collaborate with some amazing people and brands & showcase some incredible work in 2017.
  3. Be Present – to myself, to my feelings, to my children, to my relationship(s). This requires mindfulness in each moment and an awareness of my thoughts and intentions, which can be challenging to say the least but being present allows me to live entirely in the moment…and actually enjoy it!  As a parent and mother of soon to be 2 children, I want my kids to know that I’m ALWAYS there for them. To listen to them, to talk to them, to play with them…whatever they need in the moment and that my presence is always felt.
  4. Smile & Laugh More – because ultimately life is short and there is so much to be grateful for. When I look back at the little things and situations I’ve let bother me, I realize how trivial they are to the bigger picture. I’m unbelievably blessed and I have no reason not to be appreciative of life and all that comes with it. I want my happiness to exude out to those I love and for them to feel it & know it for themselves.
  5. Choose Love – this first means loving myself! Saying you love yourself and actually love yourself (or someone else for that matter) are two completely different things. My goal is to love unconditionally….PERIOD! Let’s just say, I’m a work in progress 🙂
  6. Meditate EVERYDAY – I started out meditating for 2 minutes each morning and now spend about 10-20 minutes in silence to start my day. Meditation has helped me navigate my inner thoughts & struggles, sit with myself, accept myself, be more open, address my fears, expect less of others and more of myself. In my non-stop, hectic world, meditation allows me to be in a state of peace and tranquility & focus on what’s most important.
  7. Continue To MOVE – health & wellness, people!! I’m committed to taking care of my body and fueling it with the energy it needs. Staying active makes me feel good but also gives me the life I need to keep up with a 2 year old running around the house all day.
  8. Heal – from thoughts, feelings and experiences of the past. We’ve all gone through situations that we’ve let effect us in a negative way. I’ve let things/people rub me the wrong way and have held on to those feelings of jealously, hated, insecurity, feelings of not being good enough or wanted (I could go on for days). But with healing comes growth… spiritually, mentally, physically. Now is the time to address those feelings, come to terms with them and move on from them.
  9. Let Go – of things I can’t change, of things/feelings/people that don’t inspire or promote growth, of expectations , of anything that doesn’t serve a positive purpose in my life.
  10. Enjoy The Journey – especially now having children, it so important to soak in every moment. This can be challenging when there are moments of frustration and anger but I’m learning not to let those little moments effect my appreciation. Life is a marathon, not a sprint so we need to remind of ourselves to slow down, breathe and enjoy the process.

2017….I’m coming for you!!

Wishing you all a healthy & prosperous 2017!!



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  • Reply
    February 3, 2017 at 5:45 am

    Such an inspiring post. One that I needed this morning as I am a new Mom to a now 8 month old baby boy. Very glad I stumbled upon your instagram account which led me to click on the link to your blog.

    Looking forward to reading more posts.

    • Reply
      February 7, 2017 at 1:10 pm

      Mae, so glad this post resonated with you & that you like the blog. Excited to continue sharing more with everyone!

  • Reply
    Jade Mathis
    February 8, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    I stumbled across your page from a mutual friends page. We met years ago, Camara Mathis is my sister. I’m an Attorney by trade, but a writer at heart with a degree in Journalism. From one writer to another, this is very well- written and incredibly inspiring. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more post in the near future!

    • Reply
      February 11, 2017 at 8:54 pm

      Hi Jade! Thanks so much! I don’t consider myself a writer at all but I’m so glad this platform has pushed me to be more creative & expressive overall. More to come 🙂

  • Reply
    melonie brown
    February 15, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    I really enjoyed this post, cheers to a new year and a new day to start fresh in getting closer to our goals.

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