So yea, it’s happening. We’ve officially decided to move back to New York for baby number 2!  So many factors came into play with making this decision: wanting to have another home birth, having such a great experience with our midwife & her assistant leading up to and during Steele’s birth, wanting to be in a comfortable & familiar space, but ultimately, the deciding factor was wanting to be closer to our family. Having a strong support network around us during our first pregnancy and birth was beyond helpful, to say the least, so being closer to those who we trust & helped us the most was imperative this go-round!

Let’s be honest though….I can’t tell you how saddened I am that we are moving back DURING WINTER!! I mean, that’s one of the reasons why we left NYC, to escape the cold, winter months so it’s pretty ironic that we’re coming back during this time. But, what I do know is that change is GOOD and everything happens for a reason. Most importantly, I feel totally at peace with our decision and know that despite the hectic-ness of the next couple months, this was the best decision for us.

Don’t get me wrong, we thoroughly plan on coming back to LA once we are ready to travel with the baby. The biggest thing will be finding a new place in LA while we are in NY and moving in once we are back (wheww… the thought of moving again gives me a slight migraine, especially with a new baby but I have no doubt we will work it out).

Looking forward to being back on the east coast for a little while. To all my NYers — see you guys in December!!



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