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This quote hit home today – not only because it fell right in line with the conversation I had this morning with our next interviewee for the #NoHoodLikeMotherhood series but because the last few days I’ve had some really interesting conversations with women regarding this topic. So let’s take a second and talk about it…

SELF-CARE (or as some would call it, the act of being “selfish” when you become mother) is a controversial topic these days. Should I take time for myself? Can I take time for myself? How much time can I take for myself? When is the right time to take time for myself? All questions that I think at some point we as women & mothers have struggled with answering (or at the very least, have had feelings of guilt with regards to this topic) and so many mothers are judged for taking the time to do little things for themselves.

While there are many different ways to approach this topic which yield many different opinions, my philosophy is this: YES, we ALL should dedicated time for ourselves. Time to learn ourselves, time to reflect & introspect, time to be alone with ourselves, time to enjoy our own presence & energy, time to flat out have fun – whatever that means for you. The only way we can become the best mothers for our children is if we FIRST become the best version of ourselves. I get it though – easier said than done! Taking time away from other priorities that seem to be so important and imperative in the moment makes it tough to pull away but I implore you all to start setting time aside for YOU!

For me, I try to get up 5-10 minutes early to meditate before the family wakes up and I usually take 20 minutes before I get in the shower for a quick workout routine. My daughter is a night owl (she’s 2 and doesn’t go to be until 10:30/11PM :/ ) so I may run a quick errand right after work before coming straight home. I also try to be productive during her naps; whether that be getting some writing done, trying to catch up on a book, or some type personal care (hair, nails, etc). I find ways to get ME time in without sacrificing the precious moments spent with my daughter. I’m fortunate to have Ryan here to help when I need it – and boy is he a big help! I understand that not everyone has that support system but I’ve talked to plenty of single moms, or moms who are coparenting and are in single households, who are able to find moments (even if it’s 5 minutes) to recharge and build themselves up.

We need the time, we deserve the time and we should take the time for SELF… without feeling guilty about it either. Trust me, the more you honor and respect your needs, the more life you’ll give yourself and that energy will no doubt radiate to those around you.

Thanks to @alex_elle for sharing this quote at the perfect time!

Love & Light!


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