Well today….I’m feeling pretty strong (and bad a$$)!!! I decided I wanted to get out the house and hit the Culver City Stairs today. For those who have never attempted to climb those stairs, they can be brutal. I think the worst part about themΒ is the Β how the steps vary in height, so there’s no way to get in a real rhythm or groove. All that said, my goal was to climb the stairs 3 times & I did! Woohoooo!!!

There are soooo many benefits to staying active during pregnancy. For me, working out gives me more energy, keeps my muscles active & lose, keeps me in shape to be able to run around after Steele and ultimately helps my body bounce back after birth. Staying active doesn’t mean you need to have a gym membership. There are so many exercises and movements that you can do at home. I’ll be sharing some videos of my favorite workouts here soon so you guys can can get moving too!!

More to come soon!!

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