Hey Lovers!! It’s been a crazy past 2 weeks — longer nights at the office, working the weekend, on the road traveling for work, so needless to say I am feeling EXHAUSTED!! Its crazy how a change in your flow and schedule can effect your body and the ability to adjust; or is it just that I’m getting older and can’t recover like I use to?! For now, I’ll play the pregnancy card! To say I’m thankful it’s the weekend would be an understatement.

Overall, I’ve been feeling pretty good though. Needing to get back to my prenatal yoga classes ASAP so I’ll be jumping into a few classes soon. Staying active is actually pretty easy when you have a two year old “Super Girl” that wants you to chase her around the house. Outside of my own personal desire to be healthy and strong, Steele definitely keeps me motivated when it comes to staying active. I want to be able to run around and keep up with my babies for as long as I can.

My 26 week appointment is next week and I’ll have one more appointment with my current OBGYN before moving back to NY and switching over to my midwife. So crazy and so exciting all in the same breath – time is flyingggggg guys! Before you know it, we’ll be back in NY prepping for this next babies arrival.





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