THE TIME HAS COME! We are taking our very first trip as a family of 4 and heading to Mexico today!! Wooohooo!! 🙂

While I’m beyond excited to finally let some real sun hit this pale skin of mine (New York has been playing games with all the rain and gloomy days), I’m also a tinyyyyy bit nervous about traveling with a new baby again. We got pretty spoiled with Steele – she took her first flight when she was 2.5 months old and has been extremely easy to travel with these past couple years. Let’s all cross our fingers (and toes) Sage is just as easy going on the plane as her big sister was.

If you know me, you know Organization & Preparation are my middle and last name. I’m a write a to-do list, check my check list, make tidy piles of clothes, line up shoes neatly, kind of person. I’m usually over-prepared and I always over-pack (with so many of us now, I’m trying to be better but who doesn’t like OPTIONS). Thankfully with two kids now, I pretty much have a good system and know what are essentials vs “nice-to-haves”. My goal is just to get through the first plane ride with minimal tears and all my hair still on my head — is that too much to ask for?!?!

Check out our must-have travel necessities that we’re taking with us to Mexico:

  • Diaper Bag — well DUH, I never leave home without it these day! The bag that I’ve been using technically isn’t a baby bag but I’m loving my Nena & Co Convertible Day Bag (which can be used as a backpack) so I’m taking this baby with me. Plus it kinda fits the Mexico vibes!
  • Bag Insert – this ToteSavvy baby bag inset is everythinggg. I like when everything has it’s place and this thing has so many compartments, I always know where everything is and I’m not scrambling to find things. Check out some of the pictures too!
  • Diapers & Wipes — if you know me, you know I use Honest brand. I travel with a full sized package of wipes since both of my kiddies are still in diapers. Steele is potty training but still wears diapers when we are on the move.
  • Extra Clothes For Both Kiddies — accidents DO happen; poop explosions, faulty diapers, toddler spillages, I could go on forever!
  • Planet Box Snack Holder & Sippy Cup — who doesn’t love snacks!!! This little “lunch box” is perfect for a variety of snacks options all in one container. Plus it’s stainless steel & eco-friendly…..HOLLA.
  • Fruit Pouches — my daughter LOVES Ella fruit pouches but will only eat the peach ones these days. These are an absolute must for our trip since they’re so easy to travel with and don’t need to be refrigerated.
  • Baby Carrier — since Sage loves to be held all the time, our carrier has been a life saver. Gotta keep her close at all times or she’s not a happy camper! #MomLife
  • Baby Blanket/Nursing Cover — it always seems to be cold on planes so I keep a blanket handy at all times. Plus, I also use it as a “nursing cover” (Let’s be honest, I rarely cover myself when I breastfeed – yea, I’m that type of mom. I just struggle with why I need to cover my child’s head while she’s eating and make her hot & uncomfortable to appease someone else. That’s a whole different topic though…..I digress).
  • Headphones — it’s a 4 hour flight so I have these on hand should Steele want to watch a movie or listen to some music.
  • Toddler Activity Pack — coloring books, a little playdoh, her favorite miniature figurines, a few books plus an iPad with lots of Sesame Street.
  • Pacifiers — because LAWD help me not pull out my hair on these flights!!!
  • Hand Sanitizer — gotta stay fresh & clean 🙂


Surprisingly, all of this stuff fits neatly fits into one bag for easy travel — but to lighten then load, I’m passing off some of these things to dad (lol)! This is just a list of what we plan to bring on the plane with us. Of course we’ll also have both car seats, Sage’s stroller and our Baby Zen travel stroller for Steele, our Dockatot for co-sleeping, and a few additional things to keep Steele entertained.

So excited for this trip and can’t wait to share pictures when we get back. In the meantime, catch us on Instagram. Peace!!


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    May 3, 2017 at 10:01 am

    I’m planning a trip with my family either to Mexico or Dominican Republic in the next six months, so I’m really looking forward to reading about your experience with two littles in Mexico, where you stayed, things to do etc.

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